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Occupancy is a metric represented as a rate or percentage used by vacation rental managers to describe how full their properties are. A single vacation rental can be 50% occupied for the 4th of July weekend, or an entire portfolio of 45 properties can be 15% occupied for the month…

Who are your competitors?

This question seems simple enough. Competitors are companies that you are competing with to win customers. For most businesses, a search of the web would help you find the majority of your competitors. For short-term rental (STR) managers, identifying competitors can be slightly trickier depending on the property’s geographic location…


Airlines don’t tend to agree on many things, but one thing that most can agree on is that their revenue management systems generate a great deal of value for them. Given the complexity of the airline revenue management problem, it is very difficult for any person or simple set…


Co-Founder & CEO at Quibble — Revenue Management Software for Short-Term and Vacation Rentals

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